is a multi-specialty electronic
billing and collection service dedicated to assist Health-care Professionals
receive their entitled compensation.

Why choose
We believe in the importance of your practice’s credibility. We believe that the Health-care Professionals should receive their reimbursement as quickly as possible. We will maximize your entitled compensation, ensure prompt payment and provide new business insights.

Your practice is a business
and you may be losing patients and money if it is managed inefficiently!

  • wonder if you are getting underpaid?
  • want to save money on staff, office space and computer equipment?
  • lose control of accounts receivable?
  • struggle with increased coding complexity?

And if your current billing service is
  • facing under-performing collections
  • losing claims
  • making errors at your expense
  • delaying claim processing

will help you with a FRESH solution

We are committed to improving the
profitability of Health-care Professionals by leveraging optimum processes.

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