How it works

º You submit your patient and case details on a custom designed form. This form can be sent to VZP either electronically or by mail.

º Upon receipt of this information we will ensure that all data is correct and process the information on a software package specifically designed for the billing of  medical claims.

º Claims will be submitted to health carriers electronically. For those that are not capable of receiving electronic submissions, paper claims will be sent.

º All information received by VZP will be stored and saved in electronic format.

º Our systems are backed up regularly to ensure your information is kept safe.

º Following each claim submission, our qualified team conducts all necessary follow-up procedures to confirm final payment to the doctor’s bank account.

º A detailed breakdown of all transactions posted during the calendar month is provided to you on a monthly basis and all information is readily available to you as VZP maintains an open book policy.

Our services

Primary, secondary and tertiary payer billing

Patient billing and balance reminder calls

Follow-up on delayed claims, collections

Comprehensive financial and practice analysis reports

Fee-schedule optimization


Network participation consulting

Start-up support

Enrollment support

Payer contracting and negotiations

And much more!

Outsourcing is an excellent alternative to in-house billing

          No expensive medical billing software or computer hardware to maintain

          Avoid expenses to your practice for training and seminars

          No medical or dental premiums

          Freeing up your staff’s valuable time to concentrate on patient care and other administrative tasks

          No vacation time or benefit cost

          No billing staff turnover
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